What is Dramatica®?

A revolutionary theory of story based on the mind's problem-solving process.

The Dramatica theory of story, released to the public in 1994, sees a complete narrative as an analogy to a single human mind trying to solve a problem. Characters represent the motivations of the mind. Plot the methodologies. Theme, the various evaluation standards of human psychology, and Genre the overall personality of the mind.

Dramatica is the only paradigm of story structure that takes into account what the Author wants to say. Instead of heroic journeys, Dramatica focuses on intent and purpose. What is the unique Narrative Argument driving the Author to write this story and what does it all mean?

For centuries, Authors have known about the importance of crafting subtext within their work. It's what their characters don't say that's important, not the actual words that come out of their mouth.

Dramatica defines the subtext of a narrative.

Why Subtext?

We have years of real-world experience developing stories professionally.

Here at Narrative First, we've used the Dramatica theory of story to infuse subtext within television series, novels, and feature films. Directors, Screenwriters, Novelists, and Executive Producers turn to us when they want a solid and effective narrative--and when they want their story to mean something.

Subtext is the culmination of our years of experience helping people write better stories.

This service is our in-house tool for moving storytellers from idea to treatment to final draft--all while keeping their original creative impulse intact. We're excited that we now have the opportunity to offer these services on a grander scale.

We're constantly updating Subtext with new insights and new features acquired in the field.

And we look forward to helping improve the quality of storytelling for everyone.

How will Subtext help?

The biggest resistance towards finishing a story is knowing what to write next.

The Dramatica theory of story offers a significant advantage over everything else: Because it's based on observable psychological processes, the theory can accurately predict the next sequence of events within an Act.

More than beginning, middle, and end Dramatica explains why beginning, middle, and end.

But you don't need to master the theory to write a great story.

Subtext focuses on the most important thing a professional writer needs: a master outline--or treatment--that lists out the major beats of their story.

With those beats in hand, the Author gains the ability to write with confidence knowing they're not wasting their time on a scene that will eventually be thrown out. Sure, the occasional wrong turn might happen, but the path is clearer when you have a roadmap.

And Subtext is that roadmap.

Discover your story's map

And know the Subtext behind the journey.