The Manual

Where to Start

You likely have an idea for a story—which means you also probably know the kind of story you want to tell.

Let us help you determine the unique narrative structure for your story.

Subtext Concierge

The hardest part about starting a new story or fixing a broken one is knowing where to begin. Subscribers to Subtext can take advantage of our Concierge Service. Send us a 500-word synopsis or brief 2-3 minute video pitch of your latest project. We will decode your unique narrative structure and upload it to Subtext. 🚀

What's more, we'll jump on a 30-min video conference call with you and help walk you through the initial stages of building a story with Subtext.

No more fumbling around trying to figure out the specific details of your story. No more wondering if you have the right Premise. We will find it for you and show you how to leverage all the great tools found in Subtext to quickly and confidently outline your next great story.

Current subscribers are welcome to take advantage of this service as well. Simply contact us through the support feature in the bottom right hand corner of the application and we will setup a time to meet.

Subtext Concierge is FREE for all Subtext Subscribers

Looking forward to helping you get started!