The Manual

Argument Builder

If you know what you want to say, the Narrative Argument Builder is where you want to start. By carefully choosing the key elements of your message, Subtext will search out and find a narrative structure that supports your unique point-of-view.

Choosing a Meaningful Ending

Are you writing a Triumph or a Tragedy? A Personal Triumph or a Personal Tragedy? The ending of your story significantly impacts the overall structure of your narrative. The logistics and emotional development needed to move your Audience to understand and appreciate your point-of-view requires a certain order of events. The Vault at Narrative First offers a Series of Articles entitled Meaningful Endings that dive into this subject at great length.

Select the Ending you wish to weave into the fabric of your argument, and Subtext finds the appropriate narratives.

Selecting Your Narrative Argument

Once you find a Narrative that matches your Author's Intent, click on it, and Subtext will present you a page where you can confirm your selection.

Here you will find the Narrative Argument repeated, along with a list of key Storypoints, and a sampling of films, novels, and plays that approximate the same sort of story structure inherent within that argument.

Assuming you wish to confirm this selection, simply tap Add Structure at the bottom of the page and Subtext will build your narrative.

If you find yourself doubting this selection, you can select Find Another to return to your story where you can add a different Narrative.