Moving Beyond Implied Conflict

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Online Group Analysis Of Field Of Dreams

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Sportsball Screenplays

The Appreciations Of A Narrative Premise

The Toltecs And The Dramatica Theory Of Story

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Using Predictive Narrative Intelligence To Write A Story

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Writing With Confidence And Purpose

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Subtxt Unveils Major Updates to Brainstorming and Four Throughlines

Major upgrade makes writing with Subtxt more intuitive

Subtxt, the popular app for writers, has rolled out major updates that promise to enhance the brainstorming experience and streamline the writing process. The updates, which include improvements to the Brainstorming interface and a complete overhaul of the Four Throughlines, aim to make working with Subtxt even more intuitive and efficient.


Revolutionary Update: Subtxt Streamlines Storytelling with AI-Powered Subtext Assistance and Contextual Awareness

Streamline Your Story Creation with the Latest Advancements in Generative AI Technology

Today's rollout marks a significant paradigm shift in how Subtxt differentiates between Storytelling and Subtext in both Storybeats and Storypoints. The new interface streamlines the entire process while simultaneously offering a unique and powerful learning experience for anyone curious about writing complete stories.


The Existential Threat of AI for Artists: A Personal Perspective

An artist reflects on their personal experience of the transition from 2D to 3D animation and the existential threat they felt from AI, and how they ultimately embraced the technology to execute their vision.

Even before 2023 began, it was clear that this was going to be a groundbreaking year for storytellers. With the ever-evolving technology and advancements in the field, we have the opportunity to push the boundaries of creativity and imagination like never before.


From Animated Storytelling to Entrepreneurship: The Genesis and Inspiration of Subtxt

Learn about the journey of a former Disney and Dreamworks animator turned full stack app developer and the inspiration behind their creation of Subtxt.

Welcome to the story behind the creation of Subtxt. This narrative was once featured on the landing page of our app, but as our messaging has become more focused, we've decided to give it a permanent home here on Narrative First. Through this blog post, you'll learn about my journey from animating for Disney and Dreamworks to starting my own business and becoming a full stack app developer. You'll also discover the inspiration and genesis of Subtxt, and understand the motivations behind its creation.


Satellite - A Short Story Written by SubtxtAI

The first in what I'm hoping will be a series of short stories written by Subtxt AI. This one is about a lonely satellite called XG-89.


Making an Event-ful Story

Mastering the art of illustrating the key Events in your story

Subtxt is a gamechanger for writers. What once required a 600-page book and 10+ years of study can now be achieved in weeks with the app alone. But some parts of Subtxt can feel overwhelming if you’re not sure how to use them.


Why Four Acts Are Better Than Three

The Middle of a story deserves just as much respect as the Beginning and End. It provides crucial context for the characters' actions and decisions.

Many break narrative down into Three Acts. After all, what could be simpler than Beginning, Middle, and End? Unfortunately, this idea that the “Middle” somehow stands equivalent to Beginning and End leads many to write incomplete and broken stories.


Who is the Obstacle Character?

Obstacle Characters are powerful tools for the storyteller, but it's important to remember that stories are for the audience, not for the characters.

The Obstacle Character is a powerful addition to the storyteller's craft. A perspective often conflated with the Antagonist of a story, the Obstacle Character is the point-of-view responsible for challenging the Main Character to face their personal justifications.


Vice Picks up Canada's Oscar Contender Eternal Spring

When narrative structure meets real-world events

Great news! Variety reports that the documentary Eternal Spring --for which I played a small part in helping craft the narrative--was just picked up by Vice.


Using Artificial Intelligence to Generate a One-Page Synopsis

Many writers find themselves challenged with being able to answer the question, What is your story about? They will know what happens when, and to whom, but they'll pause when it comes to defining that illusive meaning. And meaning is what story is all about.


Creative Writing with an Artificial Intelligence: Part 2

Continuing my magical journey with a brand new creative writing partner

Back to my late night creative writing. After a day of installing all the necessary items needed to start using Subtxt AI to start generating major Plot points (Story Drivers in Dramatica theory), I sat down to work on my story.


What Is an Obstacle Character?

The Obstacle Character is the point-of-view that blocks the Main Character from just sweeping their personal problems under the carpet.

Subtxt reverts to the original core understanding and foundation of Dramatica theory, way back when first released in the early to mid-nineties. At that time, when the theory first introduced the point of view to challenge the Main Character and fuel their personal growth, it was known as the Obstacle Character.


Creative Writing with an Artificial Intelligence: Part 1

Setting out on a magical journey with a brand new creative writing partner

Recently, I wanted to write a story.