What is a Premise?

It's a fancy way of saying your story's message.

Every Author has something they want to say. That's why they sit down, lock themselves in a room or throw on headphones, and start writing. They have a point-of-view they want to share with the world, and they use story to convey it.

But what most writers don't understand is that their story's message--the argument they're making--carries with it a unique story structure. No two story structures are the same! And the order of events within a story align with what the Author is trying to say.

Subtext helps you define that underlying meaning of your story.

Why Subtext?

We have years of real-world experience developing stories professionally.

Here at Narrative First, we've used this approach to story structure to infuse meaningful subtext into television series, novels, and feature films. Directors, Screenwriters, Novelists, and Executive Producers turn to us when they want a solid and effective narrative--and when they want their story to mean something.

Subtext is the culmination of our years of experience helping people write better stories.

This service is our in-house tool for moving storytellers from idea to treatment to final draft--all while keeping their original creative impulse intact. We're excited that we now have the opportunity to offer these services on a grander scale.

We're constantly updating Subtext with new insights and new features acquired in the field.

And we look forward to helping improve the quality of storytelling for everyone.

How will Subtext help?

The biggest resistance towards finishing a story is knowing what to write next.

Subtext focuses on the most important thing a professional writer needs: a master outline--or treatment--that lists out the major beats of their story.

With those beats in hand, the Author gains the ability to write with confidence knowing they're not wasting their time on a scene that will eventually be thrown out. Sure, the occasional wrong turn might happen, but the path is clearer when you have a roadmap.

And Subtext is that roadmap.

Discover your story's map

And know the Subtext behind the journey.