Character Dynamic


sticking with a point-of-view

This dynamic defines where the Author sees the story developing from an objective point-of-view. In this case, that Character Dynamic would be sticking with a point-of-view. For example:

  • a vampire who classifies their moods throughout the day grows to pattern their life after the seasons
  • a single parent who hits first and asks questions later doubles down to be the first to market before anyone else
  • a loser who follows the rules grows to being conscientious of everything they do

Original Dramatica® Definition:

Every Main Character represents one special character element. This element is either the cause of the story's problem or its solution. The Main Character cannot be sure which he represents since it is too close to home. Near the climax of the story, the Main Character must demonstrate whether he has stuck with his original approach in the belief that it is the solution or jumped to the opposite trait in the belief he has been wrong. When a Main Character decides to stick with his story-long approach, he is said to remain Steadfast.

Storyform Connections

The following narratives share a similiar of Steadfast:

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