Plot Dynamic


an emphasis on sequencing through a re-arrangement of dramatic potentials


The order in which our minds work to resolve an inequity establishes a baseline of meaning. Sometimes we juggle the various dramatic potentials between things only to find a temporal sequence of events existed at the same time. Other times we focus on what to do first, and what to do second, and so on not realizing that a re-arrangement of dramatic potentials went on in the background.

A Spacetime story works the second approach (notice we didn't say the second 😊).

Both contexts exist simultaneously, but a story is one context. Change the context and you change the meaning. The choice of space over time tells a specific kind of story, and grants the Audience a different understanding of what it means to resolve inequities in either Continuum.

Does the story focus on time or space in the sequencing of events that lead up to the end? Spacetime stories order narrative events by space. Illustrating this Storypoint helps the Audience understand the nature of the order of events so as to appreciate the full context of the inequity explored.