Subtext Handbook


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Meaningful Storybeats

Structure based on what you want to say, not what we think you should say.

Narrative Arguments

Your message to your Audience determines the order of Storybeats within your story.

Continually Expanding

We're constantly adding to Subtext's database of unique structures and inventive storytelling.

Subtext is for those writers who believe in the power of stories to move others. If you want to write compelling stories that say something important, then Subtext is for you.

Once you know what it is you want to say with your story, all you have to do is find a Narrative Argument from our extensive database of over 420+ unique and individual story structures that matches what you want to say, click a button, and then sit back and watch as Subtext builds a narrative structure for you in seconds.

With a strong narrative foundation set, the writer is free to have fun imagining how each individual beat will play out and work throughout their story. The writing process is even more fun when the writer knows they're not wasting time writing something that will eventually be thrown out.

This application is the culmination of our several years of consulting and developing great stories with screenwriters, novelists, directors and executive producers. We poured everything we know into the tools and features of Subtext, and know that you'll find the process enlightening and almost a big magical at times.

We promise that by engaging with Subtext you will arrive at a stronger, more meaningful story quicker and faster than any other method.