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The Character Arc Snapshot Videos

Jul 18th, 2016

Back when this site was called Story Fanatic, I started a series of video classes entitled Character Arc Snapshots. The idea was to provide a brief understanding of how a character arc works in Dramatica and how thinking of an arc this way is vastly superior to anything else out there. And do it all in less than two minutes.

With Dramatica, you can actually identify the exact Element that drives your Main Character's growth and determine what Element they "arc" to. So instead of pining on and on about inner conflicts and outer conflicts and wants and needs, you can quickly and easily focus in on what is really causing your Main Character trouble and then develop a way for them to work out of it (or into it, as the case may be).

Dramatica gives writers the ingredients to make a great story--unlike every other understanding of narrative out there that tells you how a great story tastes (Save the Cat!, Hero's Journey, The Sequence Method, Bob's 543 Story Steps, etc.).

While editing the latest class Melanie and I gave on Learn Characters in a Day last month, I discovered these old gems. I did one for Luke Skywalker, Neo, William Wallace from Braveheart, and Robert Angiers from The Prestige. Two Changed characters and two Steadfast Main Characters. My hope is to do even more in the coming months.

I uploaded them to the Narrative First Vimeo channel and will be creating a section here on the site for them later this week. Or you can check them out below:

Luke Skywalker Character Arc Snapshot

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Neo Character Arc Snapshot

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William Wallace Character Arc Snapshot

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Robert Angiers Character Arc Snapshot

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