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Storytelling Is At Its Best When Personal

Apr 12th, 2016

Novelist Sebastien De Castell on writing:

I know that’s an odd thing for an author to confess, but my passion has always been for story—that ephemeral and ethereal magic that happens inside the mind of the audience—rather than for any particular medium. Some of the most vivid stories ever told are the ones told by some stranger you just met in a bar, or by an older sister to her younger brother. Storytelling is at its most magical when it feels personal. I often have to talk through my stories with friends or my editors in order to get that sense of what’s happening inside their heads when they’re hearing it before I can start typing.

I just started reading Traitor's Blade, the first in the Greatcoats series, and am finding it difficult to get much of anything else done. Sebastien's latest novel, Saint's Blood, is the third the Greatcoats series.