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Storymind Presents: Secrets of the Quad

Jun 10th, 2016

Round two of the Jim & Melanie show starts up again this Monday night at 7pm Pacific. Tune in (or show up in person) and plug in as Melanie Anne Phillips, co-creator of the Dramatica theory of story, clues us in on the hidden meanings behind Dramatica’s quad structure:

Dramatica’s “quad” pattern has far more hidden within it than meets the eye! It serves to illuminate relationships among our own motivations, among characters and among the people in our real world lives. The quad can illustrate the process by which justifications are built, how blind-spots are made, and how archetypal characters interact. It provides timeline information about the order in which events should happen in your story and the nature of the progression of character arcs. It even functions as a template for scenes by treating them as dramatic circuits with a Potential, Resistance, Current, and Power. Ultimately the quad is a looking glass through which any subject, and topic, any perspective or feeling can be most clearly understood.

The event will be broadcast live and recorded for your viewing pleasure. You can watch it all unfold at the Storymind Presents: Secret of the Quad event page.