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Site Redesign In February 2016

Feb 27th, 2016

Hey there. Don't know if you're reading this through an RSS reader or if you're here on the site, but I recently made some design changes. I'm a huge typography nerd and love beautifully designed websites. Not only are they a joy to read, but they also offer an insight into the character and sensibilities of the Author behind it all.

I used to use Typekit back when this was Story Fanatic and still do for the main Dramatica site[^dramsite] but switched to once Hoefler and friends started to offer their gorgeous fonts. I spent days and days agonizing over just the right ones to use (they only let you pick five for free) and ended settling with Chronicle for the text and Whitney for all the meta pieces.

That lasted for awhile, but once Day One and others began using Whitney I longer for something new and out of the ordinary.

Along came Operator.

A New Version of the Old

Operator Font by Hoefler & Co.

As a screenwriter and lover of all things story, I have always been drawn to various sets of Courier. I liked the Movie Magic Screenwriter's version and I love John August's Courier Prime. Something about replicating the format of screenplays and a manual typewriter ignites my passion for great narrative. The vintage Black Royal I rented for my girlfriend's birthday last year only cemented my desire to see my words written that way.

My wish came true with Operator. While it isn't truly monospace (they cheat here and there for readability), I think it works perfectly well for a site dedicated to the development of great narrative and for an Author who loves great narrative. They do offer a monospace version of Operator for coding as well. If you're reading this remotely, come on over and have a look--I would love to hear what you think about it.

If you're interested in learning more, Hoefler explains how they developed the font in this film.

[^dramsite]: I completely redesigned and built the central Dramatica site back in 2012.