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Roadmap On Hold

Sep 13th, 2016

In case you were wondering where it went, the Narrative First RoadMap service is on hold. While I thought it was the perfect solution for writers, in practice the results were uneven. Basically split 50/50 when it came to success or not-so-success. Some people really understood what it was they were getting and were able to write immediately; others looked at the 32-beat sequence I worked out for them including deep Main Character and relationship thematics and we're completely lost.

If I was to point out a similar characteristic among those who got it, it would be the professional writers who had a working knowledge of Dramatica.[^one]

[^one]: Although there was one professional writer who knew nothing about Dramatica and was still blown away by the outline we gave him.

Acknowledging that reality made it obvious where we should be putting all our attention: the Dramatica Mentorship Program. If our mission is to help writers write better stories, then this is program is the answer to that call.

If you were considering doing the Narrative First RoadMap program, I would strongly suggest you take a look at the Dramatica Mentorship Program. It's probably exactly what you're looking for.