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Quads Are Everywhere

May 9th, 2016

Working with Melanie on developing our class and workshop schedule for Foundation:Next and she sends this along:

That's the most important thing I can share with you. Quads are everywhere. If you aren't looking at something as a quad, you aren't seeing it organized in the most powerful way. Once you know the dynamics of the quad, you don't need the engine. You simply find the best quad for what you want to do, then let it naturally progress to the next and so on until you have completely outlined a project, in fiction or in life.

Which I'm sure was an afterthought to her, but sends my mind reeling that I start seeing my quads of friends, how my children organize themselves into quads, and of course the quad of act progression in the fantastic Brooklyn from last year.

Quads are everywhere. You just have to look with better eyes.