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New Kindle Oasis Leaked Online

Apr 11th, 2016

Kindle Oasis

It's called the Kindle Oasis, according to the page, and right away you'll notice the large bezel on the right side — or left, depending on how you prefer to hold it. Sure, it's a bit unsightly, but I can see the appeal; it's probably more comfortable to hold one-handed, and those large page turn buttons mean you'll never have to gunk up the screen with fingerprints.

I love my Kindle so much. I never call them by their model name (Paperwhite, Voyage, etc.) because I always replace them every year. Been wondering when we would get a new one, since we are overdue and now we know.

The Oasis doesn't look ugly to me. I never had an issue with the soft buttons on the last Kindle, but I know some people did and this is obviously an answer to that. The battery is great and the extra backlights will help at night.

Just waiting on the official announcement now.