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New Features Installed for Narrative First

Jul 25th, 2016

Late last week we installed a couple of new features to expand our level of service and improve our quality of content. In the coming weeks we will be adding even more features--including Membership pages and exclusive content. If you are interested in becoming a Member please visit the Narrative First Membership page.

Storyforming Series

This is the most exciting feature we added. Kept under fifteen minutes or so, these video tutorials will help walk you through an approach to Dramatica unlike anything you have probably seen before. Watch and learn as we show you how we use this powerful theory of story to unravel what makes great stories great and how to best apply it to your own work.

Check out the **Storyforming Series

Character Arc Snapshots

A feature we started several years back and one we plan on contributing more to in the coming months, the Character Arc Snapshots explore the Main Character Resolve and Main Character Growth of a character. In less than two minutes you will understand precisely what makes this character's development tick, and what sets it apart from all the others.

Check out the Character Arc Snapshots

Concepts of Story Structure

Lastly, we finally finished collating and categorizing all the posts, articles, and analyses here on the site. Under the taxonomy Concepts you will find a list of Story Points within Dramatica that you can quickly find more information on. In addition, we added a random Story Point to the front page to remind you from time-to-time of something you might want to learn more about.

You likely noticed the addition of "code" styling to several of the posts here on Narrative First. Story Points such as the Story Judgment and Justification, now appear as Story Judgment and Justification. This should help you quickly scan content for the info you need. Eventually, these coded Story Points will have additional functionality.

Check out the **Narrative First Concepts