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Narrative First is Now an App

Oct 31st, 2019

After 13 years, Narrative First is now an app.

This latest rollout lays the foundation for a Subtext/NF crossover experience unheard of in storytelling software.

I can't tell you how happy I am about the improvements in speed, and the many many new features to come in the following months. Think instantaneous integration with Subtext, pop-up modals for terminology reference within articles, and offline access to the entire catalog. Think interactive components that teach you Dramatica theory in a simple and visual way.

How about a switch to set 650+ articles of content to your preferred set of terms? Want to use the less-accurate training wheels that are Situation, Manipulation, and Fixed Attitude in every single article and analysis?

Well, you will be able to soon. 🤯

For those of you in more remote or distant parts of the world you should experience a huge difference in response requests—which, to me, is the most important upgrade.

For those concerned about the lack of giant banner images, rest easy. Color and style will return to Narrative First over the next couple of days. I wanted to make sure you had the latest and greatest before all the spit and polish.

Many writers express their want of an updated version of the Dramatica theory book, or even an entirely new book all on its own.

The problem with a book about this theory is that it remains static. A book is stuck in time, unable to keep up with advances in understanding like the Holistic Premise, or the Relationship Throughline being something more than merely the “emotional argument” between the Main and Influence Character.

A book becomes outdated the moment it is published.

An app like this lives and breathes and expands with greater knowledge. This considered and thoughtful approach translates into a more enjoyable and fun experience for the Author.

Subtext is truly the most delightful way to write a story.

Happy Halloween! 🎃