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Morning Pages Are The Key To Abundancy

Jun 4th, 2016

Entrepreneur Tim Ferris discusses his daily morning ritual--among them, a round of Morning Pages popularized by The Artist's Way author Julia Cameron. The daily exercise suggests three pages of handwritten long form writing, designed to free your mind from needless noise. As Julia puts it:

Once we get those muddy, maddening, confusing thoughts [nebulous worries, jitters, and preoccupations] on the page, we face our day with clearer eyes.

As someone who has kept up this practice more or less for 25 years, I can't more highly recommend a small habit that will reap you even greater rewards in the end. It never fails--on days where I miss an entry, my words stumble and my mind slogs. On the days I follow through, the words come easy and life seems more purposeful and manageable.

Morning pages are the key to an abundant and productive life. Grab a college-rules notebook from your local office supply store, a decent pen, and claim your role as an artist. You'll wonder how you ever did without.