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Letting Your Characters Take Over

Sep 23rd, 2015

During my writing time this morning my Main Character did something quite unexpected: she took control of my screenplay 2015-02 and moved it in a different direction. Usually this kind of abrupt change is met with anxiety and concern; will this shift upset the tender balance of thematics I have so painstakingly constructed? Or will it turn out to be the best decision for the story I am trying to write?

Thankfully I have Dramatica on my side. As long as I can gently nudge this surprise move to somehow expose the thematics locked away in the Storyform every other scene has followed, the story should hold together. I can indulge these fantasies of my characters, allow them to grow in ways I never expected, and rest comfortably knowing the story will still make sense in the end.

The Storyform provides a thematic schematic of your story letting you know what will happen and in what order. Your only responsibility is to enjoy the writing process. Dramatica makes it possible for those happy accidents to occur without you losing sight of your story.

Freedom with purpose, that's what writing with Dramatica is like.