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Learn How to Use Dramatica in a Day

Jun 6th, 2016

The class Melanie and I taught on Learning How to Use Dramatica in a Day is now up and ready for your viewing pleasure. Almost six hours of unadulterated story theory from the person who helped invent it and the person who helps put it to good use.

Melanie takes the first half and explores how to develop your story by getting a feel for what is most important to you--a sharp contrast from the software which asks you what you already know about your story.

I take the second half and shows what tools I use when developing a story with Dramatica. After a live demonstration of how to use the Story Engine and Theme Browser to quickly zero in on your story's unique storyform, I then show how to use the Brainstorming feature to broaden your creativity and fill in those story holes!

We hope you enjoy and hope that it helps you enjoy Dramatica even more.

Next week, Monday night, Melanie will be presenting another class on Dramatica theory, this time--Secrets of the Quad...sounds exciting, right?! This will be followed up by another Saturday session with Melanie and I on June 18th.