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Finding the Core Problem in Every Story

Dec 12th, 2017

The very best way to understand a specific problematic story point is to experience the same in a completely different story. You can read the same definition over and over again until you kind of sort of understand it--or, you could sit down and participate in that problem and allow it to become a part of your own understanding.

New to the Subtext: instant search now scans the entire catalog of 350+ storyforms to quickly provide you with stories that share similar problems.

A search for Inertia

Does your story feature a Steadfast Be-er with an Objective Story Problem of Accurate? Search for steadfast be-er accurate and you'll find the one film that shares the same thematic structure: Pillow Talk.

Searching for Steadfast Be-er Accurate

Or maybe you want a listing of the Tragedies that feature Changed Main Characters?

Searching for Changed Tragedies

It's true--you can find similar examples elsewhere, but how long will you spend refining your Google searches before you finally find the answer to your questions? And even then--how can you be sure that what you find is accurate?

With the Subtext you not only find exactly what you're looking for--you find it quickly. Spend more time writing with confidence and less time trying to understand what it is you're writing.

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