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Dramatica Weekend Workshop Dates For 2016

Jan 21st, 2016

The Dramatica Weekend Workshop dates for 2016 have finally been scheduled. This year, like the last two, we will be offering two different events--one for beginners, and another for more advanced users of Dramatica. Unlike the preceding two years, the beginner's workshop will be more about building a story from scratch within the context of learning Dramatica (as opposed to previous workshops where it was strictly an educational class).

The Story Builders Workshop will take place March 19-20 and September 17-18. In addition to analyzing a film through the lens of Dramatica (film to be announced), we will also be teaching how to use the theory to quickly and efficiently outline the major thematic sequences of your story. Similar to the StoryEmbroidery classes that take place once a year at the Dramatics Users Group, we will pick a storyform from random and from there, discuss tools and tricks and techniques for turning that storyform into a living and breathing story.

The Advanced Dramatica Writers Weekend Workshop takes place May 14-15 and November 5-6. This advanced workshop will be similar to previous years, with a stronger emphasis on understanding and using the powerful Plot Sequence Report buried within Dramatica. Running under the assumption that participants arrive with a strong understanding of the theory's objective nature, this workshop focuses on a subjective approach to sequencing a story. Writers should come prepared with a story they are currently struggling with or would like assistance in further developing.

Attendance to both workshops is limited, so sign up now. We look forward to meeting you in the new year.