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Day One Dramatica Guided Tour Workshop

Sep 19th, 2015

Finished the first day of The Dramatica Guided Tour Workshop. Smaller class size made it easier to facilitate more one-on-one interactions. Still amazing to me how it always works out to exactly seven hours in length.

Dramatica Table of Story Elements

Today's topics included the fundamentals of Dramatica and inequities, the four Major Throughlines found in every complete story, and an overview of the four Main Character Dynamics (Resolve, Growth, Approach, and Problem-Solving Style) and the four Plot Dynamics (Driver, Limit, Outcome, and Judgment). Using a single film as a common point of reference for these topics (in this case Nightcrawler) works wonderfully and I'm glad I made that change earlier this year.

Looking forward to getting into more of the Dramatica nitty-gritty tomorrow with a focus on the deep thematics in each Throughline.