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An Invitation to the Writers Room

Nov 13th, 2019

Getting closer to the point where I can start bringing writers over to the latest and greatest version of Subtext.

As mentioned in the previous post, Subtext and Narrative First are now one and the same. Narrative First is the public-facing portion filled with over a decade of analysis and insight into the Dramatica theory of story. Subtext is the maintainer of subscriber-based premium features and content.

Chief among these premiums are the courses.

When I began building Subtext two years ago, I had no idea that one of the foundational elements would be the Writers Room. This weekly get-together of like-minded individuals interested in learning and developing the Dramatica theory of story inspires me like nothing before. I can't imagine what it does for writers new to this particular way of thinking.

Logging in to your Subtext account is now going to be easier than ever. You simply click on the Subtext button in the upper-right hand corner of Narrative First, enter your credentials, and a nice little fade-in transition welcomes you in to the application.

It's so slick, that I spend more than time than I would like to admit logging in and logging out just to see the change. 😁

Logged in to the Writers Room

This is what the Writers Room looks like so far. Instant access to the course, lesson notes below, and an easy button to flip through previous classes.

You know instantly when you're logged in by the navbar at the top of the screen: dark gray and a profile icon for Subtext, white and the Narrative First masthead when you're logged out.

Welcome to the Writers Room

If you forgot to login, you can do it right here within the course page. And if you're new to Subtext and Narrative First, you can sign up from this page as well.

This setup also gives guests a chance to preview courses and premium content before making the commitment to subscribe.

This new look and interaction will rollout soon. Premium courses will be added first. Then the Storyforms. The Storyform Connections tool. And the big one, the one I've been looking forward to sharing for awhile, the Premise Builder.