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A Way To Generate Thousands Of Gists

Feb 20th, 2016

Quick update for those Narrative First Members and those possibly interested in becoming a member: I recently found a way to create thousands of Gists in a few seconds. By writing my own code I'm able to generate replacement terminology for Dramatica at about 5000x faster than I could manually. The potential for this is huge and I am beyond excited to offer it to everyone.

When I started this year to create the first Narrative First Genre Gist Pack I would sit down and use Dramatica's Gist Manager to create them. It tooks hours to create a couple hundred and after a couple weeks of work I discovered that there is no automatic save feature within the Manager—I lost thousands of handcrafted Gists.

Frustration gave way to innovation, as it always does, and after a couple of days of hacking my way through Python I now have a technique for avoiding any future headaches.

Check it out—this was my first run last night:

Sample of the Fantasy Genre Gist Pack

And that's only the top-level Domains, I still have the Concerns, Issues and Problems to work through! I had to break them out into separate files because it looks like Dramatica chokes on anything approaching 5MB or more (or it could be my Macbook Air). Either way, the end result is the same and who knows—maybe it would be better to have the option to select what genre Domain you want to use. That way you could mix and match from different Genres and come up with some really inventive stories!

I will have the first Fantasy Genre Pack ready by the end of February. Note that it will probably only contain Domain and Concern levels. I'll update it to include more in the following months. Once we get through these first couple of months of setting up the process, it should proceed much faster for future genres.

The Narrative First Genre Gist Pack is an exclusive perk for Narrative First Members. Subscribe today to reserve yours.