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A Look At The Advanced Writers Workshop

Nov 7th, 2015

Another amazing day during our Advanced Writers Workshop. Three writers from all over the country--Portland, Houston, and Miami--flew in to learn all they could about applying the insightful concepts of Dramatica to their own work. What started out slow and somewhat indecisive turned into a barrage of creativity and scene generation.

Advanced Writers Workshop Board

The story pitched--while captivating and original--lacked a well-defined Main Character Throughline. Using the Playground technique we developed last year and continue to use even in our recently announced Dramtica® Mentorship Program, the attendees developed additional takes on the Main Character. After a productive afternoon, we combined the different example Throughlines into a singular one and fixed to problem of the underdeveloped and missing Main Character Throughline.

Tomorrow we will hit the Influence Character Throughline and then the Relationship Story Throughline. Working online is certainly productive and understandably the only alternative for many writers, yet the face-to-face experience is undeniably encouraging. We may look for a way to take this event online during the next year.