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Dramatica Analysis of the Black Mirror: USS Callister Episode

Nov 14th, 2019

Finally posted the storyform for the Black Mirror: USS Callister episode.

Black Mirror: USS Callister Episode

Biggest takeaways from this analysis:

  • Nanette's Steadfast Character Arc is to double-down on an Element of Proaction (being forceful towards something)
  • Walton & The Crew's challenge to that forceful initiative is an Element of Reaction (constantly waiting and reacting to Daly's moods)
  • The Sci-Fi Drama Genre positions the Objective Story Throughline conflict in Universe, and the Main Character Throughline in Physics
  • The seriousness of the Subject Matter (MeToo in space) naturally calls for a Stop dynamic (both OS and MC in the external headspace)
  • Walton's Changed Character Arc moves him from Acceptance to Non-acceptance. The crew follows suit as a secondary Influence Character perspective