Curious where to start? Whether you're new to writing or just looking for a friendly reminder, these introductory articles will be an invaluable resource as you work on your next project.

Writing Complete Stories

The secret to success lies in a consistent use of the Four Throughlines of narrative.

Psst! Hey, buddy...wanna know the secret to Pixar’s success?

Redefining Protagonist and Main Character

Understanding the signficant difference between these two concepts of narrative.

The currently accepted definition of the Protagonist as being the character the audience empathizes most with is inaccurate. Those who hold onto it are robbing themselves of the opportunity to create unique stories that defy convention.

Not Everything Is A Hero's Journey

Time for this nonsense to finally come to a resounding end.

There is a sickness running through the world, a sickness that attempts to twist every instance of narrative fiction through the siphon of errors that is the "Hero's Journey" story structure paradigm.

Plot Points and the Inciting Incident

Understanding when the problem of the story starts sets an author straight.

Plot points can sometimes be difficult to pick out, especially when there is confusion as to the purpose of such a device in a story. If one accepts the idea that stories are about solving problems, the reason for Inciting Incidents and Act Turns becomes all too clear.

Forget the Cat, Save Yourself!

There is a new sickness running through the screenwriting world, a sickness that attempts to twist every instance of narrative fiction through the reductive filter that is the "Save the Cat!" story structure paradigm.

Dramatica Simplified

A simple way to look at the theory's eight essential dynamic story points of narrative.

Dramatica can seem a bit overwhelming when you first start out. One need only flip casually through the theory book dictionary before instantly coming to the conclusion, “This is insane!”

What Character Arc Really Means

Some characters grow by maintaining their resolve against all odds.

When asked to define character arc, most people think it has something to do with how the Main Character changes within a story. While in some respect this is correct, it is inaccurate to assume that this means every Main Character needs to undergo some major transformation. Understanding the difference between growth and change is essential to the proper implementation of character arc in a story.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

The cliché of the century finds roots in human psychology.

"You and I, we're just the same." "We have so much in common." "I looked in his eyes and I saw myself." Ever heard these lines before?