A Blueprint for Effective Character Development

A convincing Character Arc consists of two key appreciations of story structure

Wants. Needs. Character Arc and Backstory. When it comes to developing a strong central character, many do the best they can with these simple-to-grasp, yet disparate concepts of story. Effective character development calls for a system of story points that function as a cohesive whole.

The seventy-five or so story points found in a Dramatica storyform work together.1 Bouncing off one another and cooperating in narrative space, these appreciations of story help formulate a holistic image of what it is an Author is trying to say. Regarding the last article “The Problem with Problems of Character”:

Taking just one of these story points out of context destroys the whole purpose of the storyform.

Several story points within the storyform help define the Main Character's Throughline. The Main Character's Domain, Concern and Issue help illustrate in the broadest sense the kind of personal struggles the central character experiences while the Main Character's Problem, Solution, Focus and Response fine-tune the focus of narrative drive.

Many struggle to see how these narrative appreciations play nicely together. When faced with a Story Engine Settings report such as this:

Story Engine Settings for her

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