Story Outcome

an assessment of how things ended up


Usually this is as simple as asking, Do the good guys win or lose? But sometimes you can run into narratives where the "bad guys" actually function as the Protagonist, in which case a Success Outcome would feature the bad guys winning. Confusing? Here's an easier way. Did the efforts to reach the Story Goal end in Success or Failure? Answer that and you will know the Story Outcome.

Narrative First

Story Outcome




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Official Dramatica® Definition:

When one is creating a story, one must consider how it all comes out. This will not just be a description of the situation but also of what potentials remain and how they have changed over the course of the story. Often, an author may wish to show the Outcome of a dramatic movement at the beginning or middle rather than the end. In this way the audience will focus more on how that eventuality came to be rather than trying to figure out what is going to happen.