Overall Story Issue

the Overall Story's thematic focus


The Overall Story Throughline explores the efforts to resolve the story's problem at varying degrees of magnification. At the Theme level of the Dramatica Table of Story Elements, the Problem appears as a thematic Issue that measures the relative value of the efforts to resolve that very same Problem. Every Issue comes complete with a matching Counterpoint in order to measure both sides of the argument.

Narrative First

Overall Story Issue



Official Dramatica® Definition:

Each of the four Throughlines: Overall Story, Relationshp Story, Main Character, and Impact Character, have a thematic topic which is described by its Issue. The Overall Story Issue, for example, provides a value standard for judging the Overall Story Characters' efforts in a story. Whatever kinds of things are done by the Overall Story Characters in relation to the Story Goal can be said to be linked thematically by this particular item.