Main Character Approach

The Main Character's preferred method of general problem solving


Main Characters have a preference for either trying to solve problems by changing the world around them, or by changing themselves first. If they try to change the world, Dramatica sees them as a Do-er. If they prefer to change themselves first, then we label them a Be-er. Cool fun fact: whatever Approach you choose for the Main Character, the Influence Character will have the opposite one. Boom!

Narrative First

Main Character Approach



  • How Main Characters Approach Problems

    Some prefer to take action, others prefer to internalize. Knowing which one clues Authors in on the kind of conflict their Main Charater faces.

  • Dramatica Simplified

    A simple way to look at the theory's eight essential dynamic story points of narrative.



Official Dramatica® Definition:

By temperament, Main Characters (like each of us) have a preferential method of approaching problems. Some would rather adapt their environment to themselves, others would rather adapt themselves to their environment. There is nothing intrinsically right or wrong with either approach, yet it does affect how one will respond to problems. Choosing Do-er" or "Be-er" does not prevent a Main Character from using either approach