Influence Character Critical Flaw

the item that undermines the Influence Character's efforts


While the Influence Character applies considerable pressure on the Main Character to change his or her approach to solving problems, there is one special quality that undermines this influence. The Influence Character's Critical Flaw is the kind of thing that, when applied, weakens the impact and makes it easier for the Main Character to avoid their personal problems.

Narrative First

Influence Character Critical Flaw


Official Dramatica® Definition:

The Influence Character's Critical Flaw undermines his effectiveness against the Main Character in general, but especially in regards to his Unique Ability. The Influence Character in any story has a Unique Ability which makes him uniquely qualified to thwart the Main Character. But in his character as well is a Critical Flaw which prevents him from just totally overwhelming the Main Character. This is again a trait which is unique to this particular character.