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Subtext is the only app that plans your story for you. Enter the names of your characters and how you want it to end, and Subtext does the rest.

How It Works


Choose a Genre

Select from over 150 different Genres and Sub-Genres to set the stage for the story you want to tell.


Pick a Premise

Scan our database of over 430+ unique premises to set the structure of your story. What you want to say determines the order of events.


Name some characters

You have to call them something. Jot down some ideas, click OK and then...


Boom. Instant Story

You're done. Subtext builds a complete story based on your choices. Time to start writing.

Find your story's unique narrative structure

Map Your Story

Search through hundreds of story structures to find a premise that matches your story.

Expert Advice

If you can't find one that fits, contact us and we will help you figure out the best structure for your story.

Develop Flow

With your structure firmly in place, weave in and out of scenes & sequences and create a unique experience for your Audience.


With Subtext, you end up with a treatment you can send off to your agent or manager--or better yet, write it yourself!

Create your story now

Transform your unique premise into structure

  • Weekly Masterclasses

  • Brainstorm unique outlines

  • New story structures every week

  • Expert support

$ 29 / month

(or$290/ yearly)

Aren't all story structures the same Hero's Journey?

Nope. Structure depends on your premise. Subtext helps make that connection.

What are the classes like?

Imagine an hour of discussion and education better than any university course on the same subject. Now imagine that happening every week.

Is there a free trial?

No. Developing a story with Subtext is fast. So fast, you could create a full story in a couple of days.

Why is Subtext so awesome?

Combine cutting edge story theory with years of practical experience developing stories in every medium.

The tool used by professional writers

to quickly and effectively finish their projects

Mike DiMartino

Executive Producer, Writer, and Creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender on Nickelodeon

Sebastien de Castell

Novelist, The Greatcoats and Spellslinger series, Bonnier Publishing (9 novels)

Chris Sonnenburg

Executive Producer, Tangled: The Series on The Disney Channel

Ryan Woodward

Cinematic/Game Development and Storyboard Artist, Epic Games

Mystery Writer

Screenwriter, Executive Producer for several live-action television series, broadcast and Netflix

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