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Whether you start with an idea for conflict or come prepared with a solid and concise storyform, Subtext helps you start with a strong foundation.

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Discover the hidden code behind your favorite stories, while learning the key ingredients that make up a solid and lasting narrative.

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Peruse our database of over 400+ unique and professionally curated story structures to find one that matches your story.

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If you can't find one that fits, work it out in the Dramatica® application and then upload your work to Subtext.

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With your structure firmly in place, weave in and out of scenes & sequences and craft a unique experience for your Audience.

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With Subtext, you end up with a beautiful treatment you can send off to your agent or manager--or better yet, write it yourself! (In Beta)

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What's the difference between stories and structures?

A story can contain any number of narrative structures. Subtext tracks them all.

How can I take advantage of the expert support?

Story structure questions submitted through Subtext claim top priority & are answered first.

What is a storyform?

A Dramatica® storyform contains 75 individual storypoints that work together to holistically deliver the Author's message.

Any other options?

Yes! A yearly option exists for those professionals looking to invest in the development of their craft. Details inside.

Why no trial?

One could conceivably sign up, develop a story in a couple of days, then cancel without supporting the service....so, yeah. No trial.

What if I just want to write?

You can start and stop the service anytime. Your work will be saved and waiting when you return from your next draft.

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